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Hamburg, NY USA
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James's Top 5 Games to Demo

Photosynthesis (Blue Orange Games) - 8 demos
Orléans (Tasty Minstrel Games) - 7 demos
The Fox in the Forest (Renegade Game Studios) - 7 demos
AFFLICTION: Salem 1692 (DPH Games Inc.) - 6 demos
Groves (Letiman Games) - 5 demos

James's IGA Game Certifications

James's IGA Game Collection

10 Minute Heist: The Wizard's Tower (Daily Magic Games)
AFFLICTION: Salem 1692 (DPH Games Inc.)
Budō (5th Dimension Games)
Castell (Renegade Game Studios)
Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure (Renegade Game Studios)
Dino Dude Ranch (Letiman Games)
Dinosaur Island (Pandasaurus Games)
Downforce (Portal Games)
Dwarven Smithy (Flatworks Gaming)
FUSE (Renegade Game Studios)
Groves (Letiman Games)
Herbaceous (Pencil First Games, LLC)
Imperial Settlers (Portal Games)
Infected (Black Forest Studio)
Karuba (HABA USA)
Karuba (HABA USA)
King's Champion (Talon Strikes Studio)
Knowledge the Game (The Toy Shark)
Kung Pao Chicken (Sunrise Tornado Game Studio)
Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts (Renegade Game Studios)
Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts (Foxtrot Games)
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival (Renegade Game Studios)
Manaforge (Mystic Tiger Games, LLC)
Maximum Apocalypse (Rock Manor Games)
Orléans (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Orléans: Invasion (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Orléans: Trade & Intrigue (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Photosynthesis (Blue Orange Games)
Pinball Showdown (Shoot Again Games)
Pioneer Days (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Queendomino (Blue Orange Games)
Rampaging Jotunn (Lost Cog)
Rhino Hero: Super Battle (HABA USA)
Roll Player (Thunderworks Games)
Root (Leder Games)
Santorini (Roxley Games)
Shaky Manor (Blue Orange Games)
Shaky Manor (Blue Orange Games)
Starving Artists (Fairway 3 Games, LLC)
Sunset Over Water (Pencil First Games, LLC)
The Fox in the Forest (Renegade Game Studios)
The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction (Minion Games)
Thief's Market (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Tides of Madness (Portal Games)
Villagers and Villains (Studio 9 Games)
Villagers and Villains: The Borderlands (Studio 9 Games)
Villagers and Villains: The Borderlands Kickstarter Promo Pack (Studio 9 Games)
Wibbell (Stuff By Bez)
Zombie Sheep (Casual Dragon Games)

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