Indie Game Alliance Staff

Executive Council

Matt Holden - Executive Director

Matt founded the Alliance to give smaller independent game developers the same kind of world-class volunteer marketing organization he had been a part of with Steve Jackson Games' Men in Black program. Prior to forming the Alliance, Matt ran the marketing, manufacturing and research & development operations for a Florida electronics manufacturer, increasing the year-over-year sales by over $1 million in his first year in the position. In addition to marketing, he loves to write code and is passionate about gaming, leading him to pursue and earn his degree in Game Design & Development from Full Sail University in 2004. Matt handles much of the game consulting for our members, develops new partnerships, and sneaks off to the lab build new goodies for the Alliance every chance he gets.

Victoria Holden - Convention Director

Victoria is a veteran conventioneer, having been a member of volunteer staff at Anime Weekend Atlanta's tabletop area for years. As a lifelong gamer, Victoria is the vanguard of IGA's internal playtesting team. Her additional responsibilities include managing IGA's warehouse and traveling game library.

Danny Lott - Member Solutions Advisor

Danny is the designer of Coma Ward, the survival horror game from IGA member Everything Epic. He's also the charismatic force behind The Game Shelf Reviews and half of the team that produces Shootin' the Chit. He is also a veritable walking encyclopedia of gaming knowledge. In his copious free time, he's working on opening a board game cafe in Lakeland, Florida. Danny works with our studio members to help them maximize the benefit they receive from their IGA memberships.

The Minibosses

IGA's Minibosses are leaders among the Minion community. They're the leaders of our convention teams and coordinators of special projects IGA undertakes. We absolutely could not do what we do effectively without them.