Launching a crowdfunding campaign? Let us help.

As a free service to all IGA members, we list all active Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns our members run in our newsletter, on the front page of, and on our Now Crowdfunding page. In addition, we randomly select one campaign and tweet it once per hour.

That said, announcing your campaign is far from the only thing we can do to help you during your campaign. IGA Pro members can use our member discounts to save big on the games themselves with over a dozen manufacturers, plus save on freight and fulfillment services, BoardGameGeek advertising, and much more. These discounts can dramatically lower expenses, helping you drop your goal to improve your funding chances, and to make your publishing more profitable.

We also offer a 90-minute consultation session with IGA Pro members before a campaign launch to go over your goal and rewards, your campaign page, and your promotion strategy. We'll help pair you up with reviewers that will give your game the love it needs. And, of course, you'll have access to our international team of Minions to promote your game at conventions and stores, provided you can spare us some prototypes and/or handouts.