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Austin, TX USA
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Pandasaurus Games was founded in 2012 in Austin, TX by Molly Wardlaw and Nathan McNair with the goal of making fun, accessible family-friendly hobby games.

To create games that allow for friends and family to gather and create lasting memories of the shared experience of fun!

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About Pandasaurus Games

Pandasaurus Games is a hobby and mass-market board game publisher that strives to create immersive, connecting experiences through gaming. Since publishing their first game, Tammany Hall, in 2012, co-owners Molly Wardlaw and Nathan McNair have seen the company blossom into household name amongst gamers and beyond.

Their vast catalogue includes worldwide smash hits such as Machi Koro, Dinosaur Island, and The Mind. In addition to hobby stores around the country, Pandasaurus titles can be found at Target, Barnes & Nobles, Books a Million, Gamestop, Amazon, and beyond.

We at Pandasaurus Games pride ourselves on innovative, groundbreaking designs with art that pushes the bounds of creative expression in games. Welcome to our world of board gaming!

Molly Wardlaw - Co-owner

Before hatching Pandasaurus and diving into the delightfully outre world of games, Molly (she/her) worked in marketing, SEO, and journalism of the musical variety. When she's not sowing fantastical cardboard worlds and pitching games to accounts, she can be found air-drumming in her car with the windows down.

Nathan McNair - Co-owner

Nathan (he/him) is an avid gamer and co-founder of Pandasaurus Games. Before Pandasaurus, he worked in financial regulatory management. He likes his new job more. If Nathan isn't playing board games, he's probably reading comics, playing video games or watching movies. Nathan's favorite part of his job playing games with friends new and old.

Brian Lewis - Sales Manager

Brian (he/him) recently left the retail sector after almost 15 years to serve as Pandasaurus Games' Direct Sales Manager. When Brian isn't developing games in his spare time, he loves to play all types of games - especially worker placement and mid-weight Euros. His additional hobbies include video games, crocheting, and watching reality television

Alex Cutler - Head of Development

Before entering the magical world of board games Alex (he/him) worked in the medical research field at NIH and Yale. After getting his first game published he made the switch and never looked back. When he's not playtesting a new game late at night or traveling to conventions looking for the next big Pandasaurus hit, you can find him playing tennis or enjoying walks with his wife and son.

Raina Medina - Marketing Manager

Raina (she/her) joined the board game space as a content creator. Through getting more involved in the industry, she became more interested in the business side of it. When she's not posting cute cat pictures on the company Instagram, you can find her curled up with a good book or watching movies.

Peter Wocken - Head of Graphic Design

Peter (he/him) has been a board game graphic designer/artist since 2009, and has worked on over 100+ games and expansions. If Peter’s not working on games, he’s playing them, you know, for research purposes. He also loves hanging out with family and travel.

Lauren Pape - Customer Experience Manager

Lauren (she/her) spent 10 years as a customer sales and experience professional in the telecom and technology industry and specializes in customer support, sales and resolution. If Lauren's not gardening, you can find her photographing and creating digital composites.

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