This Week in IGA: January 10, 2024

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Make 100: 3 Dragon Pins from Storm Dragons

Dragon Phoenix Games $32 of $100 raised (32%) 15 days left

Delve & Seek

Dice Up Games $1813 of $4200 raised (43%) 30 days left

Omertà: The Five Families

Vesuvius Media Ltd $13918 of $10000 raised (139%) 16 days left

AQUA - A Set Collection Game of Art : Make 100

Ta-Te Wu $6315 of $3000 raised (210%) 21 days left

Votes for Women - Second Printing

Fort Circle $73036 of $5000 raised (1460%) 15 days left

The Last Lighthouse - A Scott Almes Simply Solo Wallet Game

Jason Tagmire $114780 of $2000 raised (5739%) 3 days left

#DrawnTogetherGame - get it cheaper and earlier!

Behrooz 'Bez' Shahriari $1169 of $1 raised (116900%) 16 days left

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