This Week in IGA: November 22, 2023

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Puppy Pile

Thing 12 Games $864 of $3000 raised (28%) 25 days left

Expect Delays

offcut games $5136 of $9500 raised (54%) 15 days left

Uncle Ernie's Summer Catalog

23rd Century Productions $9190 of $12500 raised (73%) 10 days left

Lords of LA Issue 2 - Vampire, the Mob in 1950s Hollywood!

Destiny Horizons $4799 of $3500 raised (137%) 12 days left

Wasabi: A Game of Raw Skill

Kids Table Board Gaming $50811 of $27690 raised (183%) 15 days left

You Have Always Lived In The Lighthouse

Desks and Dorks $3750 of $1800 raised (208%) 8 days left

Midknight Heroes, The Expansion [Yin and Yang]

MidKnight Heroes $421 of $200 raised (210%) 13 days left

Cargo Empire — Dominate Logistics with only One Action

Moaideas Game Design $22087 of $10000 raised (220%) 15 days left

Bullet Universe

David B. Talton Jr. $126193 of $45000 raised (280%) 15 days left


Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $76973 of $15674 raised (491%) 8 days left


FLATOUT GAMES $121277 of $8000 raised (1515%) 16 days left

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Channel A
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