This Week in IGA: November 8, 2023

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Salon de Paris | A Euro-Style Action Selection Board Game

Talon Strikes Studios $4995 of $20000 raised (24%) 11 days left

Dino Dino - A fun tile laying board game (relaunch)

Nathan Vermeulen $3273 of $4269 raised (76%) 13 days left

Old English Puzzle Deck

Jeffrey Daymont $2550 of $3000 raised (85%) 8 days left

Solo Games featuring BoxOff

Scott Bultman $2241 of $1995 raised (112%) 9 days left

Le Neckbeard: Quest for Love

Jason Anarchy $5283 of $4353 raised (121%) 1 days left

Dungeon-Crawler Combo

Chris Scaffidi / Fervent Workshop $4999 of $4000 raised (124%) 8 days left

Timelancers - Time Travel Board Game

Waddling Panda $22499 of $15000 raised (149%) 13 days left

Cargo Empire — Dominate Logistics with only One Action

Moaideas Game Design $17382 of $10000 raised (173%) 29 days left

You Have Always Lived In The Lighthouse

Desks and Dorks $3190 of $1800 raised (177%) 22 days left

Mayan Curse

Joe Slack $25002 of $8706 raised (287%) 9 days left

Scurvy Buggers - A found family RPG

9thLevel $5911 of $2000 raised (295%) 8 days left

Moon: Deluxe Reprint // Moon Playmat // Coin Chests

Dave Clarke - Sinister Fish Games $117714 of $34917 raised (337%) 8 days left

Burn the Witch

Pique Games $46287 of $8000 raised (578%) 1 days left

Through the Desert, A Message From the Stars, Switchbacks $217351 of $20000 raised (1086%) 7 days left


FLATOUT GAMES $96477 of $8000 raised (1205%) 30 days left

Keep the Heroes Out: Boss Battles

Luis Brueh $502207 of $10000 raised (5022%) 5 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Gojunoto - Ruach Games

In Gojunoto you have been hired by the emperor of Japan to develop a local prefecture to help the kingdom grow. In order to develop your prefecture, you must harvest red pine from forest, mine jade from mines, harvest rice from rice paddies, and collect water from area springs. it is your job to develop these areas so the resources can be obtained. You will collect resources from these areas with the help of hired villager to build villages in your prefecture. The local monks have heard about you developing the prefecture and have come to you to build theme a new 5-level pagoda in the center of prefecture. you are trying to please both the emperor and the monks by being the most resourceful prefecture and the quickest to get the pagoda finished. During your turn you will draft a polyomino tile from the central draft area. The tiles will represent one of the four resource areas needed in your prefecture. After the tile is drafted it will be placed on your player board in the prefecture area. Once you have placed the tile you can now move your Goshujin pawn or villagers on the tiles to gather resources needed to build villages and construct the pagoda. you are trying to be the player to have the most Shori Points at the end of the game. End game is triggered when a player finishes their pagoda. Points are awarded for how you layout your prefecture and on far you have constructed the pagoda. Along with the on-board points that are earned. you will have hidden objective cards to assist you in earning more points to help secure victory. —description from the designer

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