This Week in IGA: September 13, 2023

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Strange Orbit: Undermine

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BACON the Card Game

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SagaBorn Creature Compendium 1.5 Edition

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Slaughterville RPG: Live Your Favorite Horror Films!

Christopher Brown $3081 of $400 raised (770%) 7 days left

Battlecrest: Year Two

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Pocket Sci-Fi: A Cyborg Adventure

Ali $1594 of $62 raised (2570%) 26 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Timelancers - Party Tails

Time travel exists in the 22nd Century and warring political factions hire freelance time travelers to change the past in order to reshape the future. These freelance time travelers are known as Timelancers. Become a Timelancer and travel through time capturing events for your faction. Collect the resources you need for your mission from locations in the city of the future - Janusburg. Then, use your time machine to revise or repeat historical events from different eras. Be careful! You are not the only one working to reshape the future. Other Timelancers will affect your progress based on their time travel actions. It's a race against other Timelancers in order to be the first to accomplish your goals! Timelancers is a time travel themed set collection board game that utilizes worker movement and a modular game board. Players gather resources and travel back through time collecting real historical events in order to earn victory points.

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Party Tails
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Channel A
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