This Week in IGA: September 6, 2023

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Strange Orbit: Undermine

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BACON the Card Game

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SagaBorn Creature Compendium 1.5 Edition

Michael Bielaczyc $1013 of $1200 raised (84%) 14 days left

Card Bard: A Musical Card Battler

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Galaxy Postman - A Space Adventure

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Rule the Waves, Britannia!

Catastrophe Games $1617 of $500 raised (323%) 5 days left

Slaughterville RPG: Live Your Favorite Horror Films!

Christopher Brown $2756 of $400 raised (689%) 14 days left

Dungeon Kart

Brotherwise Games $277245 of $35000 raised (792%) 1 days left

Battlecrest: Year Two

Jason Tagmire $26243 of $2000 raised (1312%) 10 days left

Pocket Sci-Fi: A Cyborg Adventure

Ali $986 of $62 raised (1590%) 33 days left

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New Playtests This Week

1971 - House Fish Balloon

1971 is all about decision making. And every card you draw gives you a decision. Will you allow the Hippies to build their commune? Or will you force them to work through Legislation? You could even invest their labor into your pre-built buildings!

Players take turn drawing one card, playing one card, and activating any available buildings. There are three ways to play a card - as an Action (one-time use), as a Building (permanent, destructible resource), or as Supply (face down on a building, acting defensively).

Launching missiles is a major mechanic of the game. Players must take caution though, as each launch risks activating enemy counter missile known as Response Systems. Avoid Mutually Assured Destruction at all costs!

 Win using one of six unique player victory conditions
 Issue 3 Civil Reforms to achieve diplomatic world peace.
 Be the sole survivor of a nuclear wipeout.

—description from the publisher

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House Fish Balloon

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Channel A
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