This Week in IGA: August 23, 2023

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Strange Orbit: Undermine

KinSoul Studio $2268 of $25000 raised (9%) 33 days left

Card Bard: A Musical Card Battler

Keyan Kenney $4041 of $4000 raised (101%) 16 days left

RIZE: Memory Challenge

Waffle Sandwich Games $2799 of $2500 raised (111%) 8 days left

Killers - the card game: Mass Murderers Expansion

Jeff Ignatowski $3100 of $2000 raised (155%) 8 days left

Dungeon Kart

Brotherwise Games $112217 of $35000 raised (320%) 15 days left

Slaughterville RPG: Live Your Favorite Horror Films!

Christopher Brown $1592 of $400 raised (398%) 28 days left

Castle Vordanrok (Print Edition)

Limitless Adventures $1341 of $250 raised (536%) 9 days left

Crumbs! The Sandwich Filler Game

Minerva Tabletop Games $18098 of $2528 raised (715%) 8 days left

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