This Week in IGA: August 9, 2023

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Good Cop Bad Cop 4th Edition and the Zombies Expansion

Pull the Pin Games $4156 of $10000 raised (41%) 2 days left

5 Years to Mars

Sharon Goza, Game2Learn, LLC. $8083 of $15000 raised (53%) LAST DAY!

RIZE: Memory Challenge

Waffle Sandwich Games $1572 of $2500 raised (62%) 22 days left

Duck Duck Mousse

Paul John Rudoi $5905 of $8550 raised (69%) 1 days left

Killers - the card game: Mass Murderers Expansion

Jeff Ignatowski $1780 of $2000 raised (89%) 22 days left

Shut Up, Cat! Board Game

William Lewis Cox $9283 of $10000 raised (92%) 6 days left

Conqueror: Empire Rises

Cation Arts $11242 of $8000 raised (140%) 14 days left

Drinking Quest: Belch of the Wild

Jason Anarchy $24459 of $8938 raised (273%) 1 days left

Make Over Your Game Room | Shelves and Tables for Gamers $491824 of $50000 raised (983%) 1 days left

Bellwether, The School of Wizards!

Joe Magic Games $464 of $29 raised (1600%) 7 days left

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