This Week in IGA: June 7, 2023

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Renegade City

The Polyhedral Knights $2526 of $3000 raised (84%) 10 days left

Easy Transport Fantasy/Medieval Building Collection

Richard A. Johnson $1432 of $1000 raised (143%) 6 days left

The Damned

MWG / Wargames Atlantic $176250 of $100000 raised (176%) 15 days left

Roll on the Range - PNP Roll & Draw Game

Chad Elkins $1264 of $500 raised (252%) 15 days left

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice - Apocalypse

Triton Noir $291785 of $56027 raised (520%) 9 days left

Age of Steam Deluxe Expansion Volume IV + Acrylic Track Tiles

Eagle-Gryphon Games $178571 of $22500 raised (793%) 2 days left

Command of Nature

Ramy Badie $754507 of $50000 raised (1509%) 13 days left


Chris Scaffidi / Fervent Workshop $1195 of $1 raised (119500%) 2 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Classified Information - Incrediquest Gaming LLC

Classified Information is a fast-playing (10-minutes or less), 2-player “iterative” deduction game. Classified Information is a compact small box/microgame, inspired by the popular “Love Letter” style of games, and is fully contained within just 18 cards. Set in a vibrant steampunk universe, the goal of Classified Information is simple but challenging: each player must deduce the secret code on their opponent’s hidden Suitcase Card and end the game with a card in their hand matching a number from that code. Please email at to report on your playtest sessions.

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Classified Information
Incrediquest Gaming LLC
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Channel A
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