This Week in IGA: May 31, 2023

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Renegade City

The Polyhedral Knights $1963 of $3000 raised (65%) 17 days left

Easy Transport Fantasy/Medieval Building Collection

Richard A. Johnson $735 of $1000 raised (73%) 13 days left

Havoc! The Combat Card Game

Anthony Dale of Havoc Games, LLC $21482 of $10000 raised (214%) LAST DAY!

Tablut | ancient Norse board game + 4 more historic games

David McCord $10804 of $3995 raised (270%) 4 days left

Killers: Kill Scene

Jeff Ignatowski $1470 of $500 raised (294%) 1 days left

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice - Apocalypse

Triton Noir $213048 of $54941 raised (387%) 16 days left

Age of Steam Deluxe Expansion Volume IV + Acrylic Track Tiles

Eagle-Gryphon Games $141916 of $22500 raised (630%) 9 days left

Command of Nature

Ramy Badie $439395 of $50000 raised (878%) 20 days left

Raising Robots

Nauvoo Games $197486 of $20000 raised (987%) 1 days left


Chris Scaffidi / Fervent Workshop $970 of $1 raised (97000%) 9 days left

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Jun 30 - Jul 2, 2023

Dice Tower East
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Jul 5 - Jul 9, 2023

San Diego Comic-Con
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Jul 20 - Jul 23, 2023

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Aug 3 - Aug 6, 2023

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RaRoo Games

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NorthStar Game Studio

Magna Roma - Deluxe
Archona Games

Magna Roma: Deluxe Obelisk Miniature
Archona Games

Magna Roma: Emperor's Box
Archona Games

Magna Roma: Metal Coins Set
Archona Games

Magna Roma: Dominus
Archona Games

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Channel A
Game: Channel A
Publisher: Asmadi Games
Photo by Shayla R. (#3975)

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