This Week in IGA: February 22, 2023

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You Can't Catch Me: Cryptid Edition

Jeff Ignatowski $778 of $6000 raised (12%) 21 days left

Inquiry's Aria: an UNgendered SciFi novel

Cheeky Dingo Games $435 of $2400 raised (18%) 7 days left

Small Adventures in the Human World (3 One-Shot RPG Zines)

Stephen Coffey $428 of $1816 raised (23%) 14 days left

Photographic World (Relaunch)

Juliet Smith [Bright Beetle Games] $3658 of $7500 raised (48%) 6 days left

RONE: Invasion

Greiferisto $13954 of $26083 raised (53%) 19 days left

Psychic Kids

Wet Ink Games $7004 of $12000 raised (58%) 17 days left

Vault: A Sci-fi & Fantasy Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Team Rex Games $19740 of $20000 raised (98%) 15 days left

Mind MGMT - Secret Missions

Corax Games $18577 of $8158 raised (227%) 3 days left

Dodgeball the RPG

Orcs Unlimited $154 of $60 raised (256%) 12 days left


Eric Konecne $8442 of $3000 raised (281%) 20 days left

FORK - A food chain trick-taking game

Ta-Te Wu $18887 of $5000 raised (377%) 7 days left

Pigeon's Eleven

9thLevel $4426 of $1100 raised (402%) 6 days left

Haphazard: Azulea Awakens

Blue Fox Games $3839 of $840 raised (457%) 6 days left

Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles + Doomed Run

Mike Gnade $242570 of $40000 raised (606%) 2 days left

The Search for Lost Species

Renegade Game Studios $113942 of $10000 raised (1139%) 8 days left

Seven Murders Til Midnight: a Solo RPG

Absurdist Productions $5367 of $400 raised (1341%) 15 days left


Brendan at OOMM Games $1004331 of $73936 raised (1358%) 6 days left

Kobolds Ate My Baby!

9th Level Games $96021 of $6900 raised (1391%) 1 days left

Chomp, Sail, Couture, and Mind Space $338524 of $20000 raised (1692%) 8 days left

The Board Game Survival Kit 2.0

Atikin Games $8408 of $242 raised (3474%) 1 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Wombo Combo: Paper, Scissors, Rock - Rugged Games

Wombo Combo: Paper, Scissors, Rock is a quick trick-taking game that combines Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy with comboing, and team fight tactics.

Choose a starting suite, rebuttal with a massive WOMBO COMBO, and the player with the highest combined card value wins!

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