This Week in IGA: February 8, 2023

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Vault RPG

Join us for our Kickstarter - LIVE NOW!

Vault RPG is live on Kickstarter!

This Fast, Gritty, Action-Packed tabletop roleplaying game
is rigorously tested and beautifully designed with Game Masters (GMs) and Players in mind. Vault is set in a dystopian future Earth where the ancient and exiled Fae have returned bringing magic with them. Fantasy classics clash with cyberpunk technology and advancements creating a world full of genre bending conflicts that is ready to explore. Vault’s publisher, Team Rex Games, is also introducing their revolutionary quick reference screen with slots to show off the monster and environment art to the players while keeping all the rules needed to play within easy view. Vault’s character creation lets players easily make unique and powerful characters with its dual-class selection system and character Styles. World Shapers, Vault’s take on the GM role, will have a plethora of tools beyond the screen to make missions, hacks, and encounters detailed and interesting (and if needed on the fly).

Team Rex Games aims to make Vault the next great game system for everyone to play. Back us during the first 72 hours of our Kickstarter launch to take advantage of our early bird deals and discounts.

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Now Crowdfunding

Inquiry's Aria: an UNgendered SciFi novel

Cheeky Dingo Games $170 of $2400 raised (7%) 21 days left

Small Adventures in the Human World (3 One-Shot RPG Zines)

Stephen Coffey $245 of $1814 raised (13%) 28 days left

Photographic World (Relaunch)

Juliet Smith [Bright Beetle Games] $2913 of $7500 raised (38%) 20 days left

RONE: Invasion

Greiferisto $13954 of $26083 raised (53%) 19 days left


Team Rex Games $11713 of $20000 raised (58%) 29 days left

Rising Storm: The Starborn

DPH Games Inc $4147 of $5000 raised (82%) 10 days left

Mind MGMT - Secret Missions

Corax Games $18577 of $8158 raised (227%) 3 days left

Trolls & Princesses

Game Brewer $74093 of $26856 raised (275%) 9 days left

FORK - A food chain trick-taking game

Ta-Te Wu $13800 of $5000 raised (276%) 21 days left

Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles + Doomed Run

Mike Gnade $141409 of $40000 raised (353%) 16 days left

Seven Murders Til Midnight: a Solo RPG

Absurdist Productions $1536 of $400 raised (384%) 29 days left

Color My Quest: Dungeon Run Adventures

Tim Devine $13344 of $2000 raised (667%) 9 days left


Brendan at OOMM Games $536774 of $74668 raised (718%) 20 days left

Chomp, Sail, Couture, and Mind Space $147623 of $20000 raised (738%) 22 days left

The Search for Lost Species

Renegade Game Studios $99645 of $10000 raised (996%) 22 days left


Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $176800 of $15123 raised (1169%) 1 days left

Kobolds Ate My Baby!

9th Level Games $85837 of $6900 raised (1244%) 15 days left

The Board Game Survival Kit 2.0

Atikin Games $4757 of $241 raised (1973%) 15 days left

Hollywood 1947: A Movie-Making Game of Strategy & Deception

Travis Hancock $592731 of $30000 raised (1975%) 8 days left

Hero Realms Dungeons

Robert Dougherty $684653 of $20000 raised (3423%) 8 days left

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