Games Eligible for Demos on Tabletopia

The following games, created by IGA Pro members, are eligible for demos and playtesting on Minions earn Loot Points automatically for playing any of these games.

Game Studio
Arkham Nights Dann Kriss Games
Battle for the Universe - Competitive Card Game It's in Our Nature Games
Booze Barons Overworld Games
Catalyst Cherry Picked Games
Charms: A Game of Insight Studio 9 Games
Conspiracy! Shoot Again Games
Cthulhu: The Great Old One Dann Kriss Games
Daimyo's Fall Axis Mundi
Darkness Hayward Games
Dwar7s Vesuvius Media
Exposed Overworld Games
Gingerdead House: The Walking Bread Zafty Games
Go Nuts for Donuts Daily Magic Games
HERO versus GUARDIAN: A Game of Dungeon Craft Studio 9 Games
Honey Wars Gold Seal Games
Just Desserts Darkened Sky Studios
Lisboa Eagle-Gryphon Games
Long Shot Perplext
Looting Atlantis Shoot Again Games
Lords of Spell and Stone Casual Dragon Games
MajiMonsters Core Rulebook Late Knight Games LLC
Manaforge Mystic Tiger Games, LLC
Merchants of Araby Daily Magic Games
Midnight Legion: Operation Deep Sleep Studio 9 Games
Midnight Legion: The World Reborn Studio 9 Games
Overlords of Infamy Obscure Reference Games
Pests! Spontaneously Combustible Games
Planetary Strike Claim To Fame Games
Roll Player Thunderworks Games
Sailing Toward Osiris Daily Magic Games
Savage Planet: The Fate of Fantos Imp House
Solar Echoes FREE Demo, Operation: Flash Strike Corefun Studios, LLC
Solar Echoes Mission Controller's Guide Corefun Studios, LLC
Solar Echoes Player's Guide Corefun Studios, LLC
Spookre Twitch Factory
Starving Artists Fairway 3 Games, LLC
Sub Terra Inside the Box
Superbeings Jumbo Card Game Alienplay Games
Taco Tuesdays Darkened Sky Studios
The 12 Towers Crosswinds Gaming
The Gallerist Eagle-Gryphon Games
The Hackers Guild Games By Ray LLC
Treasures and Traps Studio 9 Games
Treasures and Traps: Expanded Realms 1 Studio 9 Games
Treasures and Traps: Expanded Realms 2 Studio 9 Games
Treasures and Traps: Random Encounters Studio 9 Games
Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Expansion Pack #04: Peasants and Knights Daily Magic Games
Villagers and Villains Studio 9 Games
Villagers and Villains: City Builder Studio 9 Games
Villagers and Villains: The Borderlands Studio 9 Games
Villagers and Villains: The Borderlands Kickstarter Promo Pack Studio 9 Games
Villages of Valeria Daily Magic Games
VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game Greater Than Games, LLC