Partner Profile - Meijia Games

Timothy Leavey
Bend, OR USA

Average Ratings:
Speed: 2.50
Communication: 4.00
Quality: 5.00
Price: 4.50
Overall: 4.00
Ratings: 2

Services Offered:
Meijia Games manufactures board games and board game accessories.

Deals and Discounts

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Order 1000-2500 units: 7% off base game unit price
Order 3000+ units: 5% off base game unit price

Manufacturing orders must be placed in increments of 500 units.

Bonus gift: IGA Pro Members can also receive up to 1000 free promo packs of 10 poker-sized (or smaller) cards. 1 pack per base game ordered; max 1000 packs. These are individually packaged in poly bags. Valid only for new base game orders; expansion/reprint orders are excluded.

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Work Examples

Game / Project Client / Studio Link
Forbidden Island Gamewright
Sushi Go Gamewright
Sleeping Queens Gamewright
Edge of Darkness Alderac Entertainment Group
Mystic Vale Alderac Entertainment Group
DC Comics Deck-Building Game Series Cryptozoic
Say Anything North Star Games
Gloomhaven - Jaws of the Lion Cephalofair Games
Fort Leder Games
The Estates Capstone Games
Race for the Chinese Zodiac Capstone Games
Irish Gauge Capstone Games
Ride the Rails Capstone Games
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Renegade Game Studios
Clank! Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated Renegade Game Studios
Arboretum Renegade Game Studios
The Fox in the Forest Renegade Game Studios
The Fox in the Forest Duet Renegade Game Studios
Altiplano Renegade Game Studios
The Tea Dragon Society Card Game Renegade Game Studios
Icarus Renegade Game Studios
Tiny Epic Series Gamelyn Games
Heroes of Land, Air and Sea Gamelyn Games
Architects of the West Kingdom Garphill Games
Paladins of the West Kingdom Garphill Games
Viscounts of the West Kingdom Garphill Games
Raiders of Scythia Garphill Games
Smash Up Alderac Entertainment Group
Thunderstone Quest Alderac Entertainment Group
Space Base Alderac Entertainment Group
Dead Reckoning Alderac Entertainment Group
Santa Monica Alderac Entertainment Group
Mariposas Alderac Entertainment Group
Tiny Towns Alderac Entertainment Group
Spyfall Series Cryptozoic
Epic Spell Wars Series Cryptozoic
Wits and Wagers Deluxe Edition North Star Games
Heart of Crown Series Japanime Games
Kamigami Battles Series Japanime Games
Tanto Cuore Series Japanime Games
Robotech Series Japanime Games
Domina Series Japanime Games

IGA Member Reviews

I primarily interacted directly with Bian from MeiJia, rather than going through their representatives at Brilliant Games. Bian was very helpful and responsive, though there was an obvious language barrier and there were some occasional miscommunications. It took several tries to make sure that they had the correct specifications and game asset files to manufacture Manaforge. Plus, there was a long delay in manufacturing, due to (I assume) a higher-priority project coming in and displacing mine.

However, in the end it was all worth it. The games are excellent quality, the price was reasonable, the components are just as I expected, and the printing of my artwork was top notch. I would use them again, though be prepared to work to make sure your project is exactly the way you want it. The U.S.-based representatives at Brilliant Games should help in this regard, though in my case they weren't able to do very much.

Bryan Kline, Mystic Tiger Games, LLC - February 25, 2018

Rescuing Robin Hood
I was very pleased with the Meijia's work on Rescuing Robin Hood. After bidding with Meijia, Longpack and Magicraft, they ended up being willing to meet my budget and were able to be the lowest price, highest quality and best customer service manufacture. Very rare to have all of those things. The one challenge I had was with speed due to the large number of other games they were manufacturing and the some people getting sick. That being said their communication was pretty good during this process. There was one time we had a disconnect with if timeframes included shipping time for prototypes or not, which may have honestly been my bad on not asking enough questions. One word of advice would be to make sure you know the timeframes and what all the steps are between the beginning and final end product, but that may just be good general advice for getting manufacturing done rather than Meijia specifically. Overall I would highly recommend Meijia and really appreciated working with Jackie Chao!
Bryce Brown, Castillo Games - September 2, 2021