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Erick Harding
Kent, WA USA

Average Ratings:
Speed: 5.00
Communication: 5.00
Quality: 5.00
Price: 5.00
Overall: 5.00
Ratings: 1

Services Offered:
Starcat Games Provides Assets for your game!

Including but not limited to: Illustration, Graphic Design, Websites, Translation, Voice Acting, Music, Sound Fx, Programming, Concept Art, Template Design, and other freelance services.

Deals and Discounts

IGA Pro members that use Starcat's budget-driven creative labor brokerage will have their projects advertised on Starcat's featured project feed. You can specify a link to a Kickstarter, BGG entry, or e-commerce site!

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Work Examples

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IGA Member Reviews

Moonshine Run
Once I got my first game design almost done, I contacted Starcat Games for art. I wasn't able to get my budget all at once and had to work something out with Erick. The art I got was of high quality and suited my needs as I described them. When ever I didn't like a piece of art, Erick had his artist redo it to fit the theme/style of my game. Currently finished the first game, Moonshine Run and the art was fantastic. Now working on another game and getting the Art in at a reasonable pace.
Zachary Ringler, Games by a Madman or Two - September 30, 2016