Partner Profile - Whatz Games

Aaron Lee
Shanghai, China

Average Ratings:
Speed: 4.00
Communication: 3.50
Quality: 4.50
Price: 5.00
Overall: 4.25
Ratings: 2

Services Offered:
Full-service turnkey manufacturing

Deals and Discounts

For each copy of the game you print, Whatz will also print a separately-packaged, 10-card 'expansion' at no additional cost. Use this for promo cards or a mini-expansion.

How to Claim Your Discount

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Work Examples

Game / Project Client / Studio Link
Zombie Sheep Casual Dragon Games
Pixel Glory Zafty Games
Pixel Glory: Pets Zafty Games
Pixel Glory: Achievements Zafty Games
Gingerdead House Zafty Games

IGA Member Reviews

Zombie Sheep
Good pricing and speed.
Jason Gough, Casual Dragon Games - September 27, 2016

Super Hack Override
We were tremendously happy with the Whatz final product. It was a little difficult working with Aaron due to the language and time differences but all my emails were promptly answered within a few days. We had to ask many questions as they did not offer much help but we're very helpful when questioned. Make sure to ask for the designer guide as the art has to be submitted using a certain color profile. Make sure to ask for box templates. Aaron was willing to give us almost 15 different quotes for the different card and box qualities but seemed to only be able to answer 1 question per email which prolonged our manufacturing timeline. They honored the IGA special giving us about 10 free cards inside our box rather than an additional expansion pack which allowed us to only have the 1 sku. They had an additional fee to split the final delivery between our Chinese distributor and airmailing the rest to us. They gave us digital versions of the final print before printing. They wanted to print all copies at once but allowed us a free final assembled copy before assembling the rest or requiring any payment. I probably would not recommend for someone not willing to put in a lot of effort but we found them to be the cheapest option and are very happy with the quality of the product.

Nick Kopp
Weird Giraffe Games
Carla Kopp, Weird Giraffe Games - March 25, 2017