Rise of the Minibosses

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March 20, 2015

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ORLANDO, FL - With 200+ independent tabletop designers and publishers to support, and with no end in sight to its rapid growth, the Indie Game Alliance (IGA) has recruited a little help. IGA has created a Miniboss program to continue its world domina-ahem- expansion throughout the United States and beyond.

Minibosses will act as regional coordinators for the Indie Game Alliance volunteer program. They will lead, recruit and train teams of Minions within their specified regions, ensure IGA has a strong convention presence at the shows in their regions, and serve as liaisons to local member studios. Region boundaries and the number of Minibosses will change as the IGA evolves.

"We tried to recruit a single volunteer Minion coordinator, and we had several outstanding candidates, but everyone was concerned about the volume of work it would be to manage a program of our size. Then, I looked at a map of where our seven candidates were located, and the light bulb came on," said IGA Executive Director Matt Holden.

IGA is proud to introduce our first seven Minibosses, covering the majority of the United States:

William McCann: Gulf Coast USA
Sherri Haight: Pacific Northwest USA
Billy Salazar: California
Dylan Martin: Florida
Ken Grazier: Great Lakes USA
Jason Gough: New England USA
Joseph DeMarco: Midwest USA

IGA expects to complete coverage of the United States, and expand the program internationally, later in 2015.

Founded in April 2014, the Indie Game Alliance is a guild of independent tabletop game developers. Alliance volunteers, or Minions, give demos, run tournaments, playtest new games, and represent IGA members at conventions. With hundreds of member publishers on six continents, including household names like Portal Games, Asmadi Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, Mayday Games, and Brotherwise Games, the Alliance brings the very best of the board gaming hobby to the public.