Sunsetting Print-and-Play Hosting

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August 23, 2020
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We’re announcing today that we’re deactivating the IGA feature which allowed members to upload their print and play (PNP) game files to IGA’s servers.

We take this action for several reasons,
* More than half the people who try to use the feature struggle with uploading large files through slower internet connections, which causes the post timeout to trigger. Opening that timeout even wider than we already have poses a security risk for the IGA website.

* Of over 9,000 games in our system, only 70 PNPs have been uploaded. Nobody is using the feature.

* Those 70 PNPs represent more than a third of the total disk usage of the IGA website, and are impacting the ability to conduct proper backups of the site.

We know that PNPs are important, especially with the new playtesting system coming. However, there are many better places to host PNP files, such as BoardGameGeek and We’ve converted the “upload a file” feature to instead request a URL for a PNP file hosted elsewhere, and we can use that for everything we need to do with PNPs going forward.

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