This Week in IGA: April 3, 2024

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The Profiler - a social deduction game

Jeff Ignatowski $1299 of $6000 raised (21%) 8 days left

Omens of Destiny: Fantasy Adventure Board Game

Joe Meade $8414 of $15000 raised (56%) 2 days left

Fled: A Gripping Game of Gutsy Escape.

Mark Swanson $49310 of $50000 raised (98%) 1 days left

Solo Martial Blues

James Kerr $1360 of $1105 raised (123%) 23 days left

Midknight Heroes Expansion: The Sea Spring Pirates

MidKnight Heroes $837 of $500 raised (167%) 4 days left

Sirens' Armada- High Quality Pirate Miniatures

Michael Kontraros Collectibles $27365 of $5389 raised (507%) 1 days left

Surviving Strangehollow: Hand-painted 5E by a Legendary Team

Jason Ward $104653 of $20000 raised (523%) 1 days left

Robot Quest Arena: Bot Battle

Wise Wizard Games $663331 of $25000 raised (2653%) LAST DAY!

Cascadia: Rolling

FLATOUT GAMES $258727 of $8000 raised (3234%) 2 days left

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Photo of the Month

Warpgate: Beyond
Game: Warpgate: Beyond
Publisher: Wolffdesigna
Photo by Josh F. (#3723)

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