This Week in IGA: March 20, 2024

Now Crowdfunding

The Profiler - a social deduction game

Jeff Ignatowski $1107 of $6000 raised (18%) 22 days left

Omens of Destiny: Fantasy Adventure Board Game

Joe Meade $6029 of $15000 raised (40%) 16 days left

Fled: A Gripping Game of Gutsy Escape.

Mark Swanson $29199 of $50000 raised (58%) 15 days left

March of the Mushuins

Desks and Dorks $627 of $600 raised (104%) 8 days left

Midknight Heroes Expansion: The Sea Spring Pirates

MidKnight Heroes $547 of $500 raised (109%) 18 days left

Solo Martial Blues

James Kerr $1248 of $1103 raised (113%) 37 days left

You Shady Pooch! - The Game Where Posh Pooches Behave Badly

Gadabout Games $1225 of $1000 raised (122%) 13 days left

Time Tails RPG

Snowbright Studio $15619 of $5000 raised (312%) 5 days left

Sirens' Armada

Michael Kontraros Collectibles $20962 of $5420 raised (386%) 15 days left

Surviving Strangehollow: Hand-painted 5E by a Legendary Team

Jason Ward $79326 of $20000 raised (396%) 15 days left


Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi $158522 of $32525 raised (487%) 8 days left

Logic & Lore

Weird Giraffe Games $21363 of $4000 raised (534%) 1 days left

Galactic Cruise

Kinson Key Games $599582 of $50000 raised (1199%) 14 days left

Robot Quest Arena: Bot Battle

Wise Wizard Games $407228 of $25000 raised (1628%) 14 days left

FantasyForm - A Button Shy Wallet Game

Jason Tagmire $37391 of $2000 raised (1869%) 3 days left

Inventors of the South Tigris

Shem Phillips $316783 of $13870 raised (2283%) 7 days left

Gearworks Deluxe Edition + New Promo Cards

PieceKeeper Games $7965 of $300 raised (2655%) 11 days left

Cascadia: Rolling

FLATOUT GAMES $216048 of $8000 raised (2700%) 16 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Kitchen Chaos - Blob World Games

KITCHEN CHAOS (Coming mid. 2024!)
A chaotic cooking board game with traps!

You and your team of chefs are facing off against another team of chefs in a medieval kitchen to prepare delicious recipes and deliver them to awaiting hungry customers in Kitchen Chaos! Use traps to your advantage to cause maximum chaos!

Support the game by checking out our web page and signing up for updates about our crowdfunding campaign coming in 2024!

Blob World Games website


Game Design: Richard Wu
Artists: Paulo Galamgam, Eva Manral, Evelina Collins

Designers: Ready to playtest your new game? Learn how to get started now!

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Warpgate: Beyond
Game: Warpgate: Beyond
Publisher: Wolffdesigna
Photo by Josh F. (#3723)

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