This Week in IGA: January 31, 2024

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Zero Day War

Wet Ink Games $9235 of $10000 raised (92%) 10 days left

Delve & Seek

Dice Up Games $3982 of $4200 raised (94%) 9 days left

Stellar Drift: A Pull-and-Write Board Game

Bryan Kline $13545 of $10000 raised (135%) 13 days left

Good Cop Bad Cop 4th Edition and Zombies Expansion

PULL THE PIN GAMES $9250 of $5000 raised (185%) 9 days left


Keith Matejka $57892 of $30000 raised (192%) 6 days left

Slaughterville Book 3: The Cannibal Rednecks!

Christopher Brown $1086 of $500 raised (217%) 15 days left

Kabuto Sumo Sakura Slam $510586 of $20000 raised (2552%) 1 days left

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Photo of the Month

Warpgate: Beyond
Game: Warpgate: Beyond
Publisher: Wolffdesigna
Photo by Josh F. (#3723)

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