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New Playtests This Week

Positano - Jeff Grisenthwaite

Positano is a city-builder set on a cliffside of the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Players bid against one another and construct buildings, competing for the best ocean views.

The goal of Positano is to earn the most victory points. Points are awarded for building blocks that have ocean views: 3 points per block for Luxury buildings, 2 for Standard, and 1 for Cheap. Blocks without ocean views score 0 points. Bonus points are awarded at game end for categories such as having the tallest building, the most adjacent buildings, and the most Gelatos on cards played.

Players secretly and simultaneously bid with a pair of bid cards that are added together to determine the draft order for 3 card types: Lots (determine where to build), Blocks (building supplies), and Build (determine building type and special actions).

—description from the designer

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