This Week in IGA: January 11, 2023

New Partnerships

Meijia Games

Meijia Games manufactures board games and board game accessories.

Available to IGA Pro members only:

Order 500-2500 units: 7% off base game unit price
Order 3000+ units: 5% off base game unit price

Manufacturing orders must be placed in increments of 500 units.

Bonus gift: IGA Pro Members can also receive up to 1000 free promo packs of 10 poker-sized (or smaller) cards. 1 pack per base game ordered; max 1000 packs. These are individually packaged in poly bags. Valid only for new base game orders; expansion/reprint orders are excluded.

Now Crowdfunding

Explosion in the Laboratory

Weird Giraffe Games $2764 of $2500 raised (110%) 15 days left

Make 100 / Dungeon Makers

FunDaMental Games $2511 of $2233 raised (112%) 17 days left

Gone Hunting: Pennsylvania. A Hunting Game for 1-4 Players.

Christopher Brown $2905 of $2000 raised (145%) LAST DAY!

Circadians: First Light - Specialists Expansion

Shem Phillips $48363 of $14588 raised (331%) 8 days left

Limitless Non-Player Characters vol. 2

Limitless Adventures $12264 of $2500 raised (490%) 15 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Planeteers - RaRoo Games

You are Planeteers racing across an alien planet seeded with randomised Discovery! cards that can act as boons or hindrances. Use wacky Gadgets to boost yourself or delay opponents, in this easy-going, family-friendly, casual race game for 3-5 players with playful 'Take That' elements.

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Did You Know?

Thinking about joining our volunteer Minion team but not sure what to teach? Now you can search your BoardGameGeek collection for IGA-supported games you already own!

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