This Week in IGA: December 21, 2022

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Gone Hunting: Pennsylvania. A Hunting Game for 1-4 Players.

Christopher Brown $1432 of $2000 raised (71%) 21 days left

Explosion in the Laboratory

Weird Giraffe Games $2764 of $2500 raised (110%) 15 days left

Bah Humbug and the 12 Games of Christmas

Small Furry Games $12689 of $5075 raised (250%) 13 days left

Sol: Last Days of a Star - Insert and Reprint

Elephant Laboratories $152124 of $60000 raised (253%) 13 days left

Riftlands & Guild Academies of Valeria

Daily Magic Games $63498 of $10000 raised (634%) 16 days left

One Earth

Cation Arts $0 of $5000 raised (0%) 18 days left

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