This Week in IGA: November 23, 2022

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Strange Orbit: Undermine

KinSoul Studio $7672 of $50000 raised (15%) 22 days left

Explosion in the Laboratory

Weird Giraffe Games $2764 of $2500 raised (110%) 15 days left

DARK VENTURE: An Adventure Card Game 2ND EDITION!

Rob Lemon $44021 of $18000 raised (244%) 15 days left

Gathering Gloom: A Killer Co-op Game for 1 to 5 monsters

Dragon Phoenix Games $8753 of $2650 raised (330%) 7 days left

Words of a Feather

Turn Sideways Games $31925 of $5000 raised (638%) LAST DAY!

Maple Valley

Kids Table Board Gaming $200488 of $29432 raised (681%) 15 days left

Fit to Print

FLATOUT GAMES $142768 of $8000 raised (1784%) 16 days left


INEVITABLE IDEAS $0 of $1500 raised (0%) 3 days left

Cthulhu CoinSides - 9 Dice and More on One Spinning Coin

Charles Ward $0 of $0 raised (0%) 7 days left

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