This Week in IGA: September 14, 2022

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Board Games of Ancient Egypt

David McCord $4845 of $4995 raised (96%) 26 days left

Dawn of Ulos - A Roll Player Tale

Keith Matejka $82969 of $60000 raised (138%) 13 days left

We Hunt Bugs: 2nd Edition

Orcs Unlimited $1387 of $750 raised (184%) 4 days left

Dwar7s Legendary Forest

Vesuvius Media Ltd $54587 of $10000 raised (545%) 7 days left

Merchants Cove: Master Craft

Final Frontier Games $442767 of $40000 raised (1106%) 14 days left

The FOG - Escape from Paradise (Relaunch)

XOLLOX Games (Robert) $0 of $0 raised (0%) 8 days left

Lying Pirates | The Race for the Pirate Throne

Nordic Pirate Games $0 of $0 raised (0%) 16 days left

Legacy of Yu

Shem Phillips $0 of $0 raised (0%) 1 days left

Space Explorers Age of Ambition and Prehistories Evolutions Expansions

25th Century Games $0 of $5000 raised (0%) 8 days left

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