This Week in IGA: August 3, 2022

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Tiny Robot Love Doctors

8Ways Games $1793 of $15000 raised (11%) 30 days left

Dead Man's Chess

SpyGlass Games $24706 of $80000 raised (30%) 15 days left

Ambyria: Legends of Ember

Paw-Warrior Games $2862 of $7600 raised (37%) 13 days left

Junk Drawer

Winsmith Games LLC $10525 of $18000 raised (58%) 22 days left


Rusty Lumpkin (Three Nail Games, LLC) $1863 of $3160 raised (58%) 36 days left

Dead Throne Second Edition

SharkeeGames Ltd. $44131 of $42664 raised (103%) 7 days left


Absurdist Productions $19542 of $9000 raised (217%) 15 days left

Tainted Gold for the Age of Ambition RPG

Tab Creations LLC $860 of $250 raised (344%) 6 days left

Lost in the Dark: Solo-play 5E RPG Zine

Limitless Adventures $6411 of $500 raised (1282%) 16 days left

Calls To Adventure: Extraordinary Party Backgrounds for 5e

Doug Levandowski $1564 of $100 raised (1564%) 1 days left

Fishing Lessons

Jason Tagmire $39229 of $2000 raised (1961%) 10 days left

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