This Week in IGA: July 27, 2022

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Dead Man's Chess

SpyGlass Games $13478 of $80000 raised (16%) 22 days left

Junk Drawer

Winsmith Games LLC $6020 of $18000 raised (33%) 29 days left

Ambyria: Legends of Ember

Paw-Warrior Games $2693 of $7600 raised (35%) 20 days left

Dead Throne Second Edition

SharkeeGames Ltd. $37685 of $42257 raised (89%) 14 days left

Splintered Lands Deck-building Game

Steve Hollaway $16465 of $10000 raised (164%) 1 days left


Absurdist Productions $15231 of $9000 raised (169%) 22 days left

Tainted Gold for the Age of Ambition RPG

Tab Creations LLC $623 of $250 raised (249%) 13 days left

Snap Ships Tactics: Constructible Miniatures Game

Snap Ships $240396 of $65000 raised (369%) 1 days left

Monster Hunter International the Miniatures Game

Everything Epic $246384 of $50000 raised (492%) 3 days left

Calls To Adventure: Extraordinary Party Backgrounds for 5e

Doug Levandowski $871 of $100 raised (871%) 8 days left


Dave Clarke - Sinister Fish Games $350228 of $29338 raised (1193%) 6 days left

Roll or Die!

FunDaMental Games $2489 of $194 raised (1282%) 2 days left

Amun-Re - 20th Anniversary Edition

Alley Cat Games $0 of $15091 raised (0%) LAST DAY!

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New Playtests This Week

Golden Fleece - Trino Games

Play as a pantheon of gods fighting to influence the mortal realm and achieve their own secret objective! Play in rounds to draft mortal characters to control, or use your godly power to advance your goals or thwart the goals of your competitors.

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Crash Factor

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Radioactive Bees
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Turf War
Gadabout Games

Turf War: Fantasy Theme Pack
Gadabout Games

30 Seconds to Live
Kitten Kaiju Games

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