This Week in IGA: July 20, 2022

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Dead Throne Second Edition

SharkeeGames Ltd. $30442 of $41936 raised (72%) 21 days left


Absurdist Productions $7599 of $9000 raised (84%) 29 days left

Splintered Lands Deck-building Game

Steve Hollaway $15704 of $10000 raised (157%) 8 days left

Deluxe Hanafuda Deck & The 100 Torii: Diverging Paths

Eduardo Baraf $33611 of $16000 raised (210%) 5 days left

Snap Ships Tactics: Constructible Miniatures Game

Snap Ships $192413 of $65000 raised (296%) 8 days left

Calls To Adventure: Extraordinary Party Backgrounds for 5e

Doug Levandowski $414 of $100 raised (413%) 15 days left

Monster Hunter International the Miniatures Game

Everything Epic $210206 of $50000 raised (420%) 10 days left

Amun-Re - 20th Anniversary Edition

Alley Cat Games $91217 of $14977 raised (609%) 7 days left

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Spirits of Christmas
Humble Bard Games
Crash Factor
Crash Factor

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Michael K.

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The House of Wisdom
Uncle Zezzeac games

Lost Kingdoms: Pangea in Pieces
Gold Seal Games

Jurassic Parts
25th Century Games

25th Century Games

Dwar7s Winter
Vesuvius Media

Block Ness
Blue Orange Games

Kingdomino Origins
Blue Orange Games

Downtown Farmers Market
Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight
Blue Orange Games

Pique Games

Brookspun Games, LLC

Emergent Plant Life

Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

SHIVER Core Book
Parable Games

SHIVER RPG - The Cursed Library
Parable Games

Parable Games

SHIVER RPG Director's Screen
Parable Games

SKEPTICS - Promo Pack 1
Usiak Games and Designs

Scattered Nexus
Slim Studios

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