This Week in IGA: July 13, 2022

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Aces and Adventures

Ring Runner $15990 of $12500 raised (127%) 1 days left

Splintered Lands Deck-building Game

Steve Hollaway $15406 of $10000 raised (154%) 15 days left

Omicron Protocol - "Critical Condition" Expansion

Dead Alive Games $5544 of $3000 raised (184%) 1 days left

Snap Ships Tactics: Constructible Miniatures Game

Snap Ships $163235 of $65000 raised (251%) 15 days left

Cheese Factory

Jason Anarchy $38605 of $15359 raised (251%) 1 days left

Amun-Re - 20th Anniversary Edition

Alley Cat Games $71001 of $14842 raised (478%) 14 days left

Stonewall Uprising: The Fight for Gay Civil Rights

Catastrophe Games $24537 of $5000 raised (490%) 5 days left

Dice Throne: Santa VS Krampus

Dice Throne $609951 of $30000 raised (2033%) 5 days left

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