This Week in IGA: June 15, 2022

New Partnerships

Enovel Games

Tabletop game and dice manufacturing

3% discount

Now Crowdfunding

AFMG Café Invades Milwaukee

Liz Marr $1288 of $25000 raised (5%) 1 days left

Gathering Gloom: A Killer Co-op Game

Dragon Phoenix Games $2093 of $16000 raised (13%) 22 days left

Compounded: Peer Reviewed AND Lab Notes: Roll-and-Write!

GreaterThanGames $16669 of $20000 raised (83%) 22 days left

Cocktail Card Design Software

Cocktail Inc. $2524 of $2500 raised (100%) 14 days left

Court: A royally clever card game

B5 Productions $1963 of $1000 raised (196%) 9 days left

44 BCE – A Game of Strategy and Betrayal

Christian Forrest $41714 of $14500 raised (287%) 1 days left

Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying Game

9thLevel $77621 of $19000 raised (408%) 15 days left

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Did You Know?

Thinking about joining our volunteer Minion team but not sure what to teach? Now you can search your BoardGameGeek collection for IGA-supported games you already own!

Upcoming Conventions

Gen Con
Indianapolis, IN USA
Aug 4 - Aug 7, 2022

QuestCon Orlando
Orlando, FL USA
Aug 20, 2022

Active Playtests

Mushroom Sorcerer
Board Game Monster
FunDaMental Games
Spirits of Christmas
Humble Bard Games
Crash Factor
Crash Factor

Welcome New Members!

Chill Dragon Studios
Lone Mountain Games, LLC
Spar Tactics, LLC
Uncle Zezzeac games

Welcome New Minions!

Kenneth T.
Sharon G.

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