This Week in IGA: May 11, 2022

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Lawyer Up: Season 2

Rock Manor Games $22 of $24000 raised (0%) 1 days left

Escape From A Dying Planet (Relaunch)

Brainwave Games $618 of $4500 raised (13%) 20 days left

Slaughter the Night

Stupid Puppy Games $2095 of $12500 raised (16%) 18 days left


Rusty Lumpkin (Three Nail Games, LLC) $1477 of $5660 raised (26%) 24 days left

Ylera Valley (5e fantasy/eldritch horror setting)

Limitless Adventures $4978 of $5000 raised (99%) 16 days left

All Time Wrestling – The Wrestling Card Game!

Cation Arts $30709 of $9000 raised (341%) 15 days left

Chocoloco (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Dave Balmer $3954 of $1000 raised (395%) 1 days left

Age of Steam Deluxe: Expansion Volumes I, II & III

Eagle Games $201568 of $48500 raised (415%) 9 days left


Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $204069 of $15108 raised (1350%) LAST DAY!

Through Ice and Snow

2TOMATOES $158567 of $10554 raised (1502%) 15 days left


Jason Tagmire $40720 of $2000 raised (2036%) 10 days left

Tiny Epic Vikings

Gamelyn Games $361850 of $15000 raised (2412%) 15 days left

G.I. JOE Mission Critical

Renegade Game Studios $155124 of $5000 raised (3102%) 1 days left

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Spirits of Christmas
Humble Bard Games

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