This Week in IGA: April 27, 2022

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Age of Ancients: Like Rats

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Slaughterville 3! New Villains Arrive!

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mechlinski $23014 of $15000 raised (153%) 9 days left

All Time Wrestling – The Wrestling Card Game!

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Castles by the Sea

Brotherwise Games $82635 of $35000 raised (236%) 8 days left

Killers - the card game: Speed Kills

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Chocoloco (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Dave Balmer $3185 of $1000 raised (318%) 15 days left

Through Ice and Snow

2TOMATOES $46177 of $10609 raised (435%) 29 days left

Escape from Stalingrad Z

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Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $132637 of $15414 raised (860%) 14 days left

Wayfarers of the South Tigris

Shem Phillips $211487 of $15146 raised (1396%) 14 days left

G.I. JOE Mission Critical

Renegade Game Studios $87752 of $5000 raised (1755%) 15 days left

Fortress of Terror

Humble Bard Games $10471 of $100 raised (10471%) 1 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Mushroom Sorcerer - Board Game Monster

There hangs the twin moon
among the skies
When plenty pours her elements
Nighttime splendor it is!

Elementis, a land blessed with mystical elements and ancient magic, is guarded by The Great Sorcerer with his astonishing power throughout the years. 
In every duo luna year, the Great Sorcerers’ Tournament is held at the Enchanted Forest where the winner will be awarded the secret to magic mastery as a successor in title. 
The competition is dangerous and courage is no guarantee for survival – Attack or defence, spells will be casted and battles are inevitable ! Dazzling blast of magic between the GU towers will not cease until the last man stands and wins the seat as The Great Sorcerer !

There are 3 phases in each round: 
1. Twilight
A sip of potion stimulates sorcerers’ sense of elements, giving them different powers for the rest of the night. Choose your potion wisely!

2. Night
During Night phase, sorcerers can perform 1 of the 4 actions:
a. Grow GU to gain element(s) and level up your sorcery and power. 
 Flame elements give your flame servants which destroy everything as their masters commanded.
 Stone elements give your stone servants which protects your territory.
 Water elements create drops, an essential substance for GUs’ growth, bringing the forest prosperity and abundance.
 Thunder elements form mana, providing energy for sorcerers to cast spells.
 Moon elements, the source of ancient magic. Sorcerers gain ancient knowledge by studying moon elements. Once a sorcerer controls a sufficient 
 amount of moon GUs and moon elements, one becomes the most powerful sorcerer and wins the game.
b. Ancient and powerful spell scrolls are scattered around the forest. Pick up and cast them wisely to create a chain of combo to destroy your opponents. 
c. Waging war against other sorcerers is another way to gain influence. Let your opponent know who is the great sorcerer!
d. Summoning element to gain immediate assistance and resources.

3. Daybreak
Sun rises, sorcerers get rest in the day, recharging their magic, powers and prepare the works for the coming night.

Only the sorcerer with the most influence or moon elements win the game!

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