This Week in IGA: February 16, 2022

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Legends of Kralis - an Aetherpunk RPG

Levi Davis $5409 of $15000 raised (36%) 15 days left

Another #$%&ing Fetch Quest?!?

M. Taylor Wallace $8593 of $10000 raised (85%) 13 days left

Dread Revels

Dylan Mangini $1928 of $500 raised (385%) 22 days left

Monsters and the Things That Destroy Them!

Joey Vigour $15903 of $3000 raised (530%) 1 days left

Seas of Havoc ☠️

Mike Gnade $195032 of $28000 raised (696%) 9 days left

Automated Alice: Second Chance Offer

Robb De Nicola $2009 of $29 raised (6927%) 5 days left

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