This Week in IGA: February 2, 2022

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Legends of Kralis - an Aetherpunk RPG

Levi Davis $3187 of $15000 raised (21%) 29 days left

Another #$%&ing Fetch Quest?!?

M. Taylor Wallace $6745 of $10000 raised (67%) 27 days left

FUMBLE! Football themed card-n-pong game

Ryan Moore $1281 of $1000 raised (128%) 3 days left

Expert Bestiary for the Age of Ambition RPG

Tab Creations LLC $454 of $250 raised (181%) 13 days left

Monsters and the Things That Destroy Them!

Joey Vigour $6213 of $3000 raised (207%) 15 days left

Skate Summer

Pandasaurus Games $44893 of $20000 raised (224%) 9 days left

Seas of Havoc ☠️

Mike Gnade $78186 of $28000 raised (279%) 23 days left

Boba Mahjong - 2022 Relaunch

Ta-Te Wu $22112 of $5000 raised (442%) LAST DAY!

I Guess This Is It

Jason Tagmire $14189 of $2000 raised (709%) 10 days left


Tim Devine $35723 of $4700 raised (760%) 1 days left

Yokai Septet Second Edition

Ninja Star Games $6814 of $800 raised (851%) 7 days left

Bags and Playmats for Board Games $373506 of $20000 raised (1867%) 8 days left

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