This Week in IGA: January 12, 2022

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The Ultimate Garrett County Adventure Map

Chris Nichols $2526 of $2500 raised (101%) 16 days left


Tim Devine $7395 of $4700 raised (157%) 22 days left


Chad Elkins $42063 of $15000 raised (280%) 7 days left

Boba Mahjong - 2022 Relaunch

Ta-Te Wu $14950 of $5000 raised (299%) 21 days left

Limitless Monsters vol.2 (5e)

Limitless Adventures $18044 of $5000 raised (360%) 9 days left

Catapult Feud: Hydra

Vesuvius Media Ltd $284151 of $20000 raised (1420%) 5 days left

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