This Week in IGA: December 8, 2021

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New Playtests This Week

Persuasion - Knife Bunny

A Victorian courtship game of deduction, catfishing, and conceding power.

While attending a party, you meet some suitors, full of potential wealth, standing, and passion. You’ve detailed your desires in your diary, and now you must discern who meets your needs by reading the trait cards they mail to you.

Your cards describe actions, but only the players you court will perform them. Each round, you share a card with a player, and they’ll choose which of your cards to leverage. When you find the one, send them your ring! They must reciprocate for you two to become engaged, so you must persuade them you’re compatible with their desires!

A Brazen Crown - Long Tail Games

A Brazen Crown is the first card game based on Mörk Borg, a pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG set in a bleak and dying world.

A Brazen Crown is a lightning-fast battle card game with strong drafting options. Each player controls a blended deck from two of five iconic factions (Royal, Occultist, Esoteric, Fanged & Scum) and wins by reducing their opponent's health points to zero.

On their turn, a player has three coins to spend on minions, spells, relics and traps from their hand. While the ultimate goal is to deal damage to the opponent, other card abilities include wounding or healing minions, searching for other cards, gaining loot to be spent on later turns, and so on.

A player holding the Brazen Crown card at the end of their turn is able to draw an extra card; however, this also increases the misery of the world. The game instantly ends if seven miseries are summoned, with the triggering player losing. Uneasy is the head...

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