This Week in IGA: December 1, 2021

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Devil Bunny Games! Classic hijinks in two family games!

GreaterThanGames $12451 of $19000 raised (65%) 9 days left


Patrick Fordham $5746 of $7401 raised (77%) 2 days left

World Cup!

Mark Bates $11818 of $10000 raised (118%) LAST DAY!

Oodles of Oozes for 5e (Relaunch)

Tyler Omichinski $885 of $470 raised (188%) 8 days left

3 New Valeria-Universe Games

Daily Magic Games $48828 of $25000 raised (195%) 9 days left

Star Fighters: Rapid Fire - A Real-Time Dice Placement Game

Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $31800 of $12990 raised (244%) LAST DAY!

Adventures & Academia: First Class

Russ Charles $56674 of $19984 raised (283%) 6 days left


offcut games $13253 of $3500 raised (378%) 1 days left

The Realm of Shadows: A Trio of Solo Games

Gabe Barrett $49111 of $12000 raised (409%) 2 days left

⚙️ Weather Machine by Vital Lacerda & Ian O'Toole

Eagle Games $919609 of $150000 raised (613%) 17 days left

Call to Adventure: Epic Origins

Brotherwise Games $458858 of $50000 raised (917%) 1 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Dreams of Empire - OOMM Games

Dreams of Empire is a competitive Deck-Building Area-Control game with Hidden Actions. Play as one of 6 Trusted Advisors to the Emperor as you try to sway the imperial council in your favor. However, the Empire is old and weak with new rumor's of revolt brought before the council each day. Without swift action the Empire will shatter. Prove to be the most Influential Advisor and the council will crown you the next Emperor! Can you make your Dreams of Empire come true?

—description from the designer

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