This Week in IGA: October 27, 2021

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Card-Z: a zombie survival RPG card game

Gerald Kielpinski $1358 of $45000 raised (3%) 15 days left

Escape From A Dying Planet

Brainwave Games $236 of $7500 raised (3%) 33 days left


Dastardly Fun $1727 of $8862 raised (19%) 20 days left

Galatune Battle Arena Card Game: Kawaii Mufen Expansion

Adam Alan Wik $2127 of $5000 raised (42%) 5 days left

Dragon Thrones RPG 5e

Everything Epic $18683 of $40000 raised (46%) 22 days left

Stonelight - The Crazy Magic Tournament

Churro Games $5650 of $11015 raised (51%) 15 days left

Dr. Zero Presents: Ragnarok Run 2021 -- The Robot Uprising

Two Silver Denarii, LLC $122 of $200 raised (61%) 4 days left

Catapult Castle 1-4 Player Dexterity Game

Imperial Publishing Inc $3370 of $5000 raised (67%) 17 days left

Heiki Strike Alternative

Japanime Games $10746 of $15000 raised (71%) 2 days left

Hysteria - Deduction with a Twist

Travis Drake $4556 of $6000 raised (75%) 7 days left

Women are Werewolves, a nonbinary story game

9thLevel $7633 of $9900 raised (77%) 28 days left

The Big Pig Game

Evan Gibbs $7646 of $9800 raised (78%) 1 days left


Petr Marek (Violet Dragon) $15645 of $20000 raised (78%) 26 days left

Ganjifa Traditional Indian Playing Cards - Reincarnated

Tab Creations LLC $2437 of $2500 raised (97%) 8 days left

Five Torches Deep: Highfane Peaks

Sigil Stone Publishing $6392 of $5000 raised (127%) 17 days left

Dutch Resistance: Orange Shall Overcome!

Marcel Köhler $13662 of $10203 raised (133%) 22 days left

War Within RPG - Set in a Tense Cold War Arena

Toby Lancaster $2298 of $1371 raised (167%) 12 days left


Jason Anarchy $35082 of $20140 raised (174%) 1 days left


Catastrophe Games $6725 of $3000 raised (224%) 21 days left

City of the Great Machine

CrowD Games $66975 of $23500 raised (285%) 23 days left

Drop Drive

Jason Miceli $160449 of $39000 raised (411%) 1 days left

Circadians: Chaos Order + First Light 2nd Edition

Shem Phillips $76879 of $16435 raised (467%) 15 days left

Pirate Hunter expansion for Clear the Decks!

Chris Pinyan $1285 of $250 raised (514%) 1 days left

Bardwood Grove

Final Frontier Games $165127 of $30000 raised (550%) 8 days left

Runes of Zun Year One Collection + New Foil Promo Cards

Dave Balmer $11795 of $2000 raised (589%) 22 days left

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum

Pauline & Marie (Hot Banana Games) $217081 of $32225 raised (673%) 15 days left

Pumpkin Express - Roll and Write Revolution

Derik Duley $696 of $100 raised (696%) 2 days left

Micro Medusa

B & B Games Studio $8184 of $900 raised (909%) 4 days left

Marvel Dice Throne

Dice Throne $1017111 of $100000 raised (1017%) 18 days left

Viking Raiders Card Game

Neowulf Games $0 of $0 raised (0%) 17 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Hatsumode - Blue Fool Games

The purpose of the game is to travel to the seven Jinja locations spaced out along the map of Japan, and meet the requirements for each location to receive the Takara-mono treasures. Each player starts the game at the Toyama Bay location on the west coast, and they start each turn by drawing enough cards to have a four Shintai-card hand. The collecting of Takara-mono - and the amount each player possesses - will affect this total later in the game.

In order to move around the board, the player must use the movement choices listed on the Shintai cards to travel in the direction of the choice. The action that the player takes after moving is determined by the color of the space they land on.

When you encounter a Yokai, they will either fight you, curse you, or help you, depending on the symbol in the upper-left corner: combat-oriented Yokai feature a black symbol, and effect-oriented Yokai feature a red symbol. When you reach a Jinja, you have the option of trading in the combat-oriented Yokai that you defeated for the Takara-mono at that temple.

Once you have collected all seven Takara-mono, you must return to the initial starting location at Toyama Bay. The first player to reach Toyama Bay with all seven Takara-mono is the winner.

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