This Week in IGA: October 20, 2021

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Escape From A Dying Planet

Brainwave Games $67 of $7500 raised (0%) 40 days left

Card-Z: a zombie survival RPG card game

Gerald Kielpinski $1379 of $45000 raised (3%) 22 days left


White Cherry Games $539 of $10000 raised (5%) 4 days left

Galatune Battle Arena Card Game: Kawaii Mufen Expansion

Adam Alan Wik $2008 of $5000 raised (40%) 12 days left

Hysteria - Deduction with a Twist

Travis Drake $2770 of $6000 raised (46%) 14 days left

Stonelight - The Crazy Magic Tournament

Churro Games $5516 of $11052 raised (49%) 22 days left

Dr. Zero Presents: Ragnarok Run 2021 -- The Robot Uprising

Two Silver Denarii, LLC $112 of $200 raised (56%) 11 days left

The Big Pig Game

Evan Gibbs $5609 of $9800 raised (57%) 8 days left

Dutch Resistance: Orange Shall Overcome!

Marcel Köhler $6077 of $10237 raised (59%) 29 days left

Terraternity - Together we will save Terra.

Igan Mich $19490 of $25000 raised (77%) 11 days left

Ganjifa Traditional Indian Playing Cards - Reincarnated

Tab Creations LLC $2024 of $2500 raised (80%) 15 days left

Five Torches Deep: Highfane Peaks

Sigil Stone Publishing $5235 of $5000 raised (104%) 24 days left

War Within RPG - Set in a Tense Cold War Arena

Toby Lancaster $1765 of $1376 raised (128%) 19 days left

Rocket Cats - Board Game

Ginger Snap Gaming $6927 of $5000 raised (138%) 20 days left

City of the Great Machine

CrowD Games $33913 of $23500 raised (144%) 30 days left


Jason Anarchy $31917 of $20244 raised (157%) 8 days left

YOHO: You Only Hang Once

Richard Wolfrik Galland $2846 of $1651 raised (172%) LAST DAY!


Catastrophe Games $6475 of $3000 raised (215%) 28 days left

Runes of Zun Year One Collection + New Foil Promo Cards

Dave Balmer $5838 of $2000 raised (291%) 29 days left

Drop Drive

Jason Miceli $126232 of $39000 raised (323%) 8 days left

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum

Pauline & Marie (Hot Banana Games) $110841 of $32391 raised (342%) 22 days left

Pirate Hunter expansion for Clear the Decks!

Chris Pinyan $859 of $250 raised (343%) 8 days left

Circadians: Chaos Order + First Light 2nd Edition

Shem Phillips $63525 of $16491 raised (385%) 22 days left

Scented Dice by Baron Smellybones

Studio Woe $20461 of $5000 raised (409%) 23 days left

Critical Care: The Game

Lakshman Swamy $66772 of $16000 raised (417%) 1 days left

Bardwood Grove

Final Frontier Games $131110 of $30000 raised (437%) 15 days left

Pumpkin Express - Roll and Write Revolution

Derik Duley $600 of $100 raised (600%) 9 days left

Micro Medusa

B & B Games Studio $6460 of $900 raised (717%) 11 days left


Brendan McCaskell $789147 of $80978 raised (974%) 11 days left

Cranky Chinchillas

Cranky Chinchillas $110138 of $10365 raised (1062%) 1 days left

Blokk! The 3D board game

Blokk! Games $0 of $0 raised (0%) 20 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Skál Cards - Viking Nerds

The Skål deck is designed to give you things to toast to and sometimes actions to perform while toasting in Don't Fall in the Mead Hall. When you roll a Skål in the game you draw a card and read the toast. Simply read the cards, follow the instructions and be sure to close with a hearty skål!

This is a 90-card deck. The cards do not change the gameplay and are used just for fun.

** Don't Fall in the Mead Hall is not required for these cards. Use them on their own if you just want to add some fun to your next party!

The cards are divided into nine categories:

* Action
* Serious
* Funny
* Tongue Twister
* Riddle
* Hávamál Quote
* Insult
* Proverb
* Boast

Mark of the Muse Set KS - Mark of the Muse

Mark of the Muse is a new card game, designed with the idea of community in mind. This system allows for artists to submit their art for a team of game designers to turn their work into a playable card. It’s meant to be fun for collectors, and a recognition opportunity for artists. Cards are of course completely playable as a game, encouraging collectors to seek out and browse artists for new cards, and aid artists by both getting their names out there and being another source of income.

The cards are designed to maximize the original artwork while being easy to understand and see all the necessary stats and abilities. We decided to not use any borders on the edge in order to see as much of the art as possible.

On a turn, players draw a card then play cards to attack their opponent. When a player has defeated 10 cards the player wins.

Certain cards have a life point on them, with only a specific amount being playable each turn. If these cards' HP get reduced to zero that card goes to the Lifeline. Cards on the Lifeline may still be used as resources, fueling other cards' abilities when flipped. When the Lifeline contains 10 cards, that player is out and the remaining player wins the game.

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