This Week in IGA: October 13, 2021

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White Cherry Games $539 of $10000 raised (5%) 11 days left

Galatune Battle Arena Card Game: Kawaii Mufen Expansion

Adam Alan Wik $1479 of $5000 raised (29%) 19 days left

Perpetuity: Grave Descent

Alayn Clint $10417 of $32500 raised (32%) 22 days left

Stonelight - The Crazy Magic Tournament

Churro Games $4609 of $10983 raised (41%) 29 days left

Five Torches Deep: Highfane Peaks

Sigil Stone Publishing $2122 of $5000 raised (42%) 31 days left

Dr. Zero Presents: Ragnarok Run 2021 -- The Robot Uprising

Two Silver Denarii, LLC $102 of $200 raised (51%) 18 days left

The Big Pig Game

Evan Gibbs $5287 of $9800 raised (53%) 15 days left

Terraternity - Together we will save Terra.

Igan Mich $17037 of $25000 raised (68%) 18 days left

Scented Dice by Baron Smellybones

Studio Woe $6327 of $5000 raised (126%) 30 days left

Reputation - a dystopian corporate themed bidding game

Ninja Star Games $6195 of $4000 raised (154%) 1 days left

Pirate Hunter expansion for Clear the Decks!

Chris Pinyan $723 of $250 raised (289%) 15 days left

Critical Care: The Game

Lakshman Swamy $57412 of $16000 raised (358%) 8 days left

Micro Medusa

B & B Games Studio $3470 of $900 raised (385%) 18 days left

How to RPG with Your Cat

OddFish Games $11607 of $3000 raised (386%) 1 days left

Pumpkin Express - Roll and Write Revolution

Derik Duley $476 of $100 raised (476%) 16 days left

Cranky Chinchillas

Cranky Chinchillas $89493 of $10291 raised (869%) 8 days left


Brendan McCaskell $708494 of $80405 raised (881%) 18 days left


FLATOUT GAMES $246544 of $8000 raised (3081%) 14 days left


Dice Coalition Games $0 of $0 raised (0%) 6 days left

Blokk! The 3D board game

Blokk! Games $0 of $0 raised (0%) 27 days left

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New & Restocked in the Store

Clarion Game Studios, LLC

Hull Breach
Clarion Game Studios, LLC

VENOM Assault
Spyglass Games

Top Tale: The O.G. Vol 1
Yub Nub Games

ZU Tiles: Hime - Starter Set 1
ZU Studios, LLC.

unPerfect Heroes: Battle Lines
Mount Tiki Games, LLC

Tavern Masters
Dann Kriss Games

Glory: A Game of Knights
Strategos Games

Conqueror: Final Conquest
Cation Arts

Planetary Control!
Kerberos Productions

Sheep Boom Bah
One Day West Games

Monster Highway
One Day West Games

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift - Revised Edition
DDP Games

Born to Serve
Shoot Again Games

Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars: Big Box Edition
Thunderworks Games

Ducks in Tow
First Fish Games

LACORSA Grand Prix Game
Linea Rossa Games LLC

Gods of Metal: The Chosen
Laughing Rogue

Of War and Men: WWII
Netherhavyn Game Works

Night of the Ninja
Brotherwise Games

Stellar Leap
Weird Giraffe Games

Swords & Sails
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC

Call to Adventure
Brotherwise Games

Diceborn Heroes
Diceborn Games Ltd.

Diceborn Heroes: Campaign Treasure Pack
Diceborn Games Ltd.

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
Greater Than Games, LLC

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Dice Set
Greater Than Games, LLC

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game GM Kit
Greater Than Games, LLC

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Special Edition Core Rulebook
Greater Than Games, LLC

Mystic Tiger Games, LLC

Plunderbund: Ring Leader Edition
HutChu Games

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire
Portal Games

Million Dollar Script
Portal Games

The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars
Baskerville Productions

Brotherwise Games

Boss Monster: Dragon Prince Hero Pack
Brotherwise Games

Epic Card Game: Duels
Wise Wizard Games

Pyramid of the Sun
NSKN Games

Freshwater Game Company

Blend Off!
Thunderworks Games

Knuckle Sammich: A Kobolds Ate My Baby! Card Game
9th Level Games

Medieval Mastery
Chaos Publishing

Boss Monster: Vault of Villains
Brotherwise Games

Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure
Brotherwise Games

Underlings of Underwing
The Pericles Group, LLC

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