This Week in IGA: October 6, 2021

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White Cherry Games $469 of $10000 raised (4%) 18 days left

Electric Empires

Space Beagle Games $2309 of $25000 raised (9%) 27 days left

Galatune Battle Arena Card Game: Kawaii Mufen Expansion

Adam Alan Wik $1408 of $5000 raised (28%) 26 days left

Terraternity - Together we will save Terra.

Igan Mich $7764 of $25000 raised (31%) 25 days left

The Big Pig Game

Evan Gibbs $3513 of $9800 raised (35%) 22 days left

Dr. Zero Presents: Ragnarok Run 2021 -- The Robot Uprising

Two Silver Denarii, LLC $102 of $200 raised (51%) 25 days left

Hair of the Dog

Cherry Picked Games $15036 of $25000 raised (60%) 25 days left

PaleoVet: A game of cards, dice, and saving dinosaurs

Absurdist Productions $8859 of $12000 raised (73%) 27 days left

Arkosa - A Bunker Building Board Game

Toon Hammer $21451 of $20344 raised (105%) 1 days left

Reputation - a dystopian corporate themed bidding game

Ninja Star Games $5105 of $4000 raised (127%) 8 days left

Zoo King: A strategic zoo-building card game

Evan Johnson - Saratoga Toy & Game $7297 of $5000 raised (145%) 29 days left

Pirate Party: Women of the High Seas

Seaport Games $5888 of $4000 raised (147%) 5 days left

Tanto Cuore : Winter Romance en Fran├žais !

Japanime Games $9550 of $5768 raised (165%) 85 days left

Sunrise Rangers

Kazrak Studio $3667 of $1356 raised (270%) 2 days left

Pirate Hunter expansion for Clear the Decks!

Chris Pinyan $687 of $250 raised (274%) 22 days left

How to RPG with Your Cat

OddFish Games $9321 of $3000 raised (310%) 8 days left

Critical Care: The Game

Lakshman Swamy $49990 of $16000 raised (312%) 15 days left


Brendan McCaskell $415233 of $79093 raised (524%) 25 days left

Cranky Chinchillas

Cranky Chinchillas $78655 of $10123 raised (776%) 15 days left

Artisans of Splendent Vale

Renegade Game Studios $150256 of $10000 raised (1502%) 2 days left


FLATOUT GAMES $227826 of $8000 raised (2847%) 21 days left


Dice Coalition Games $0 of $0 raised (0%) 13 days left

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New Playtests This Week

Synth - Synth Games

Synth is an asymmetrical abstract strategy game that plays up to 8 players. It is quick to play and easy to learn, while packing a lot of depth and replayability into a small package. Each player takes the role of a wildly different digital race navigating a cyber wasteland, attempting to outmaneuver and capture the other players. Each character has a completely different playstyle and strategy, and no two games are ever the same on the modular playboard.

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