This Week in IGA: September 8, 2021

Now Crowdfunding

Killers - the card game

Jeff Ignatowski $637 of $5000 raised (12%) 22 days left

Arkosa - A Bunker Building Board Game

Toon Hammer $8508 of $20661 raised (41%) 29 days left

Arcane Arena - A deck-building tactics boardgame

Evgenios Entertainment $6175 of $10000 raised (61%) 15 days left

Winning Love by Daylight - a Magical Girl Visual Novel

Keith D Franks $706 of $737 raised (95%) 16 days left

Backyard Chickens

August Games $17569 of $15000 raised (117%) 6 days left


Curt Covert $20689 of $15000 raised (137%) 16 days left

Cosmic Voyage - A cooperative card game for 1-4 players!

Savania Games $6082 of $4132 raised (147%) 4 days left

Mercenaries & Privateers

Jason R. Williams $4653 of $2000 raised (232%) 2 days left

Mint Mini

Poketto $27234 of $10000 raised (272%) 22 days left

Relics of Rajavihara and Montalo's Revenge Expansion

Joe Slack $17429 of $3946 raised (441%) 23 days left

Tanares RPG - 5e

Dragori Games $1391399 of $50000 raised (2782%) 22 days left

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