This Week in IGA: August 25, 2021

Now Crowdfunding

Sunrise Market: Pier 1, Boba Mahjong, and 1-2-3 Cheese!

Ta-Te Wu $6998 of $22000 raised (31%) 28 days left

Arcane Arena - A deck-building tactics boardgame

Evgenios Entertainment $4130 of $10000 raised (41%) 29 days left

Get Bit! | The Remastered Classic Shark Attack Game!

GreaterThanGames $8363 of $19000 raised (44%) 9 days left

Backyard Chickens

August Games $8220 of $15000 raised (54%) 20 days left

Cosmic Voyage - A cooperative card game for 1-4 players!

Savania Games $3358 of $4115 raised (81%) 18 days left

Mercenaries & Privateers

Jason R. Williams $3273 of $2000 raised (163%) 16 days left

Nersha — A chill game of strategy and survival

Dave Balmer $8200 of $5000 raised (164%) 1 days left

Route 66 The Mother Road, Sid Sackson; America's Main Street

Eagle Games $10991 of $5000 raised (219%) 6 days left

Turf War

Gadabout Games $11356 of $5000 raised (227%) 1 days left

Wicked & Wise

Weird Giraffe Games $25861 of $9700 raised (266%) 8 days left

The Towers of Dr. Xill & The Years Between

C. Aaron Kreader $6950 of $750 raised (926%) 9 days left

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Upcoming Conventions

Gen Con
Indianapolis, IN USA
Sep 16 - Sep 19, 2021

Origins Game Fair
Columbus, OH USA
Sep 30 - Oct 3, 2021

Active Playtests

Goblin Cave
Action Fiction
Game Night Powerups!
Pixel Patch
Apeiron Games
Violet Dragon
Mediocre Games

New & Restocked in the Store

Get Off My Land! - Farmhand Promo
One Free Elephant

Town Builder: Coevorden Promo Pack
First Fish Games

Ducks in Tow: Angry Goose Promo Pack
First Fish Games

Ducks in Tow
First Fish Games

Million Dollar Script
Portal Games

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write
Portal Games

Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame
Portal Games

Vienna Connection
Portal Games

Detective: Signature Series – Dig Deeper
Portal Games

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift - Revised Edition
DDP Games

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift – Wound Deck
DDP Games

DDP Games

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift - The Hideout
DDP Games

DDP Games

The Abandons
Puzzling Pixel Games

Arkham Ritual: Mystery Card Promo
Ninja Star Games

Bellum: of Mutants and Men - Braggart/A Battle to Remember
Van Hammock Games llc.

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball - Old Hot Rad-Burn Promo
CSE Games

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball - Pensive Wawindaji Promo
CSE Games

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball - Ron Gavel Promo
CSE Games

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball - Shoh-Time Promo
CSE Games

The Abandons: Promo Pack #1
Puzzling Pixel Games

Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game - Golden Trinket Promo

Robotech Force of Arms: Grand Cannon Promo Expansion
SolarFlare Games

Project Mars: Moving Forward
Point 'N Click Design

Affliction: Salem 1692 Tactics Add-On
DPH Games Inc.

Deck Box Dungeons - Quicksilver Sword Promo (Kickstarter Version)
Ariah Studios

VENOM Assault - Walker Promo
Spyglass Games

Supreme Leader Promo Leaders Pack
Card Culture

Hero's Crossing - Gamer Promo
One Method Monkey LLC

Expancity: Dice Tower Cruise Promo Tile
Breaking Games

No Escape
OOMM Games

Emojo Dojo
Emojo Games LLC

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