This Week in IGA: August 4, 2021

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Shelfie Totes

Michael Epstein $1357 of $3000 raised (45%) 13 days left

Top Pop - The Bottle Cap Stacking Game

Talon Strikes Studios $6152 of $10000 raised (61%) 3 days left

LOTS: Filled In

Zach Connelly $4265 of $6000 raised (71%) 12 days left

Sam's Scams - Eclectic comic of alien scams and debauchery

Atheris Entertainment $1339 of $1500 raised (89%) 9 days left

Bloodshadows: Chronicles of Guf

Battlefield Press, Inc. $8003 of $8000 raised (100%) 14 days left

House of Broken Hearts: A ROIL Expansion

Two Silver Denarii, LLC $458 of $450 raised (101%) 9 days left

Playful Pets: 3 games in 1 box

Atikin Games $3178 of $3064 raised (103%) 8 days left

Taelmoor: The Scan and Play Dungeon Crawler Board Game

Delve Bros $26359 of $23580 raised (111%) 8 days left

The Zorro™ Dice Game: Stunts and Allies

PULL THE PIN GAMES $18312 of $10000 raised (183%) 16 days left

Jasper Modular Shelves $536356 of $50000 raised (1072%) 1 days left

Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder

Shem Phillips $428667 of $16272 raised (2634%) 8 days left

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