This Week in IGA: June 30, 2021

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Breaking Games $36299 of $115000 raised (31%) 22 days left

Velocity: Vanguard - RELAUNCH!

Precarious Games $24016 of $69200 raised (34%) 29 days left


Toon Hammer $7529 of $20798 raised (36%) 12 days left

Lonely Undead

Dead Lemon Games $6122 of $15000 raised (40%) 6 days left

Book of Villainy

Andrew J. Smith $9546 of $6300 raised (151%) 1 days left

Peak Oil Profiteer

2TOMATOES $20743 of $11884 raised (174%) 6 days left

SKEPTICS relaunch

Usiak Games and Designs $32117 of $18000 raised (178%) 8 days left

Ponyfinder the Savage Age

Battlefield Press, Inc. $2317 of $1000 raised (231%) LAST DAY!

Graphic Novel Adventures - New Gamebooks for 2021!

A.J. Porfirio $84190 of $30000 raised (280%) 9 days left

Villagers: Shifting Seasons

Dave Clarke - Sinister Fish Games $121084 of $34941 raised (346%) 22 days left

Escape from the Asylum 1-6 Player Cooperative Game

Imperial Publishing Inc $28224 of $5000 raised (564%) 21 days left

Dice Trucking - a Roll and Write Revolution Game

Derik Duley $866 of $100 raised (866%) LAST DAY!

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New Playtests This Week

Ahau - Apeiron Games

Ahau - Rulers of Yucat√°n is a worker placement, resource management, engine building Euro-style board game set in the Classic Period of the ancient Maya civilization. In the game, you will embody a ruler striving to expand the borders of his kingdom by building a pyramid temple and summoning the gods for help.

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