This Week in IGA: May 5, 2021

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☕️ Chai: Tea for 2—A Tea Board Game Duel!

Dan & Connie Kazmaier $29548 of $20000 raised (147%) 30 days left

Dark Maenad: Fire and Steel

Raymond Wiggins $10070 of $5000 raised (201%) 21 days left

Of Monsters Most Foul: A Broadsword Bestiary

Bloody Eye Games $1635 of $800 raised (204%) 14 days left


3to4 Games $11181 of $4495 raised (248%) 22 days left

Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition

Everything Epic $181483 of $50000 raised (362%) 14 days left

Transmissions Board Game

Adam West $151675 of $35000 raised (433%) 2 days left

Dice Theme Park - The sequel to Dice Hospital!

Caezar and Kuly from Alley Cat Games $139622 of $20523 raised (680%) 15 days left

Hidden Leaders

BFF Games $170606 of $14415 raised (1183%) 9 days left

Koi Garden - Harmonious gardening card game

B & B Games Studio $20820 of $500 raised (4164%) 5 days left

My Father's Work

Renegade Game Studios $505327 of $10000 raised (5053%) 8 days left

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